#TwitterBJPSeDarGaya has been trending on Twitter for the last few days and it is a political fiasco.

What Is This About

Twitter recently removed the posts about Rahul Gandhi meeting the family of the  9-year-old rape victim. Congress alleged on Thursday that the party’s official handle, along with many party workers and leaders, have had their account blocked by Twitter.

This comes right after Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter handle was blocked to protect individual privacy and safety after he posted images that violated its rules. 

Among all of this, many came out to accuse Twitter of acting under duress by the Government and started making tweets under the hashtag “#TwitterBJPSeDarGaya”.

Everyone Has A Take

Twitter has said its guidelines are “implemented sensibly and fairly for everybody”, and that it took “proactive activity on a few hundred tweets that posted a picture that abused our Rules”.

They went on to say that they were alerted by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) “about explicit substance on our foundation that purportedly uncovered the character of a supposed rape casualty’s folks”. “They have reviewed it against Twitter Rules and policies, as well as the concerns expressed as a matter of the Indian law”, said a company spokesperson. 

Twitter blocking Congress’s account…

“They can lock us out on a platform, but they can’t lockout our voice for the sake of people,” Gandhi said in an Instagram post after his Twitter handle was locked. Gandhi added that “if fighting for justice of a rape and murder victim is a crime, then I am guilty.”

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Other Congress leaders resorted to changing their Twitter handle names to “Rahul Gandhi”, and some of them even went further to change their profile pictures to the former party leader.

Congress also put out a video on its YouTube channel condemning Twitter’s action while “none in the government bothered to utter a word on the rape and murder of the Dalit minor”.

The Tweets Alleged Trending

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Sources: National Herald, Free Press Journal, Hindustan Times

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