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What Is It Like To Get LASIK Eye Surgery Done?


If you’ve been looking into getting LASIK surgery, you already know that it can make a huge difference in the way you see the world. Imagine not having to wear contacts or glasses ever again and still potentially be able to see clearly! This possibility is very exciting for a number of LASIK patients- in fact, since its inception in 1999, an estimated 10 million Americans have undergone a LASIK eye surgery procedure.

But, as with any surgical treatment, LASIK comes with a few risks that it’s important to know about before deciding whether it is right for you. Some LASIK patients report mild after-effects, such as dry, irritated eyes, tearing, and discomfort, in the days and weeks following surgery. Only your LASIK surgeon will be able to tell you whether laser eye surgery is a good fit for you. We’re here to let you know what it’s like before, during, and after a LASIK procedure.

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Before Treatment

Prior to undergoing LASIK eye surgery, you will need to schedule an initial evaluation with your LASIK surgeon, so he or she can examine your eyes and determine whether you’re a good candidate for laser eye surgery. If your surgeon decides that LASIK is a good fit for you based on a number of factors regarding your vision and overall health, he or she may recommend that you stop wearing contact lenses in the weeks leading up to your surgery. According to ClearSight, which provides LASIK in Oklahoma City, this is because your contacts can affect the shape of your cornea, which can lead to inaccurate measurements and the possibility of poor vision following surgery, so it’s best to give it time to resume its natural shape first.

During Treatment

Your LASIK eye surgery will take approximately 30 minutes or less, during which you will be reclined in a chair in an exam room. A numbing drop will be placed in each eye, and then the area around the eye will be cleaned and an instrument called a lid speculum will hold your eye open. Your LASIK surgeon may use a device called a mechanical microkeratome to cut a small flap on your cornea to allow the laser to penetrate your eye. Some surgeons use laser keratomes, which perform the same function with lasers rather than a blade.

You will then be asked to stare at a laser positioned over your eye. However, this is not the laser that is actually performing the surgery, but rather a light to keep you fixated on one spot once the surgical laser comes on. Once your eye is in position, your LASIK surgeon will start the surgical laser, and the procedure will be underway!

After Treatment

Once your eye has been treated with the laser, your LASIK surgeon will place a shield over it to keep your corneal stitches from opening. You will need to keep this shield on over the next several days to avoid rubbing or touching your eye, as well as to avoid accidental injury. Immediately following surgery, you may experience itching or burning, as well as the sensation that something is in your eyes. This is all normal and temporary and should subside after a few days. If these sensations continue for a prolonged period of time, or if you are experiencing any other side effects or symptoms, contact your LASIK surgeon immediately.

Your LASIK surgeon will have much more information about your specific situation in order to help you make the best choice. If you are a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery, it can be the beginning of a whole new world without glasses or contacts!

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