I still remember the first time I heard a Michael Jackson Song. It was when YouTube had just started to gain prominence and my locality had just started to get broadband connections.

On a blisteringly fast speed of 512 kbps, I loaded the website and saw something called “Black or White”.

When I clicked that link, my life changed. It was a totally different type of music, an interesting mix of pop and rock that got me hooked. Ever since that day, I have been a loyal MJ fan, that is until now.

Leaving Neverland, a documentary about two men who as children were sexually abused and assaulted by Jackson, was just released.

It is a compilation of these men’s interviews as well as their families and stock footage of Jackson and these men as kids.

If you want to learn more about the specific allegations, read this article here.

At the end of the two-hour documentary, I was not a fan anymore. Even though these allegations had been public since 1993, this documentary really did me in.

Watching these men talk about what they went through as kids and the effect it had on them and their families made it more concrete and real in my mind.

What disturbed me is not just the sheer audacity with which Jackson leveraged his star power to get these kids alone and abuse them, every star-abuser does that.

Rather, that he was cognizant of the fact that he was abusing them and he knew that this was illegal and he’d go to jail if he was caught.

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The victims recount accounts of Jackson telling them that if anyone found them out, they’d BOTH go to jail. MJ wasn’t just a man who did this out of desperation. He liked doing it.

The documentary shows a man so disturbed and perverted that he becomes like a son in the family of the children he abuses.

Not just that though, he then goes on to separate the child from his family by using the fascination and adoration the kid has for him to strengthen their bond and weaken his family’s.

He twists the children’s mind to make them feel that performing sexual acts is completely fine and it is actually something one should enjoy.

We see the men recounting how they felt good doing that because it made Michael happy, and of course, they would do anything to make Michael happy.

Towards the end of the documentary, Michael tries to make one of the kids (who is a dancer and was onstage with him multiple times) stay with him for a year. The mother refuses, making her bad in MJ’s book.

We then see the family return to Australia and the mother realize that she needs to take her son back to Michael to further his career. This leads to a bitter divorce and splitting of the family.

However, when they return to America to see Michael, we see that he has moved on to another kid and that he treats them very badly, only letting them stay so that he can have more sex with the kid.

All of this made me re-think my love for the man and his music. Whether this pervert was deserving of my adoration. It was quite painful to see an idol who’s journey and music inspired me, fall so much in my eyes.

I don’t think I will be able to hear his music the same way ever again. Whether I will be able to see the “Black and White” video the same way ever again.

Because it would remind me of the tortured faces and voices of the men who’s lives Jackson exploited and ultimately ruined.

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