As COVID-19 keeps on spreading over the world, progressively potential and affirmed symptoms of the ailment have been found.

Notwithstanding the most widely recognized symptoms- fever, dry cough and respiratory difficulties, COVID-19 has additionally appeared as skin rashes and stomach related problems like diarrhoea. Presently, dermatologists are investigating another potential indication of the coronavirus disease named “COVID toes”.

By far most of the patients in their adolescent years and ’20s are found to have marks on their toes. Experts treating patients with COVID-19 express that they’re finding red, blue or purple, wounds on specific people’s toe  also known as “COVID toes”.

This condition is a lot like pernio or frostbite, which is a condition found among individuals living in cruel winters in polar and sub-polar districts. Here veins in the toes get aggravation and toes will, in general, have a major spasm.

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This atypical symptom of COVID-19 is predominantly found in countries like Italy, the US and Germany, which have been seriously affected due to COVID-19. Other atypical symptoms include loss of smell, loss of taste or pink eye (also known as conjunctivitis). People’s worries on this new atypical symptom of coronavirus are shown in Tweets.

As the World Health Organisation cautions, this infection is going to remain among humans for quite a while, it is conceivable that symptoms that are presently atypical for COVID-19 may advance into key markers of novel coronavirus contamination in months and years to come.

The most ideal approach to evade the danger of coronavirus presently is to self isolate and look for clinical guidance on the sign of any abnormal medical problem.

The fact that a few individuals show no reactions or symptoms at all can be a troublesome situation in managing the virus. Also, some show no known symptoms but are indicating newly discovered atypical symptoms thus making these people silent carriers of contamination.

The need of the hour is to minimize the damage that we cause to others and to ourselves by staying home and building our immunity so that we can play our part in reducing or preventing the spread of the virus. 

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