We are a people of the country which thrives on aping the western liberal ideology via movies, TV shows, etc. and then miserably fails at it. We are obsessed with the age-old idea of finding love, meeting “the one” (F**k you, Ted Mosby) and having sex to prove our masculinity or in a counter view, just to prove that we are feminist enough.

Well, f**king stop it. Right now.

Get a hold of yourself and realize that movies and TV shows only go so far.

The 21st century has been kind to millennials because our upbringing has been far more open-minded as compared to our previous generations, who were born at a time where their parents didn’t even know how to address issues like sex in a holistic discussion with their kids but thankfully, most of our parents aren’t shy in giving us “the talk”.

Similarly, we’ve been dealt our cards quite realistically when we were told that teenage love isn’t real and you WILL GET OVER IT.

But no, our internal ape had other ideas.

The Real Problem:

The fact that we live in a make-believe bubble.

The fact that we believe that we are destined to find true love, that the existence of a damn Prince Charming can be quantified and the idea that pre-marital sex with multiple partners is a criteria for an all-access pass to the “cool club”.

I mean, come on.

The Initiation:

Teenage. Late teenage. Continues till the early to mid-20s until reality strikes and you realize it’s too late and finding love has diverted you from real life.

The Analysis:

Understand that finding love shouldn’t be a top priority for any sane child in his schooling years and if you think you’re gonna end up happily ever after with your college sweetheart because finding love is as easy as they show it in teen chick flicks, I hate to break it to you that it’s not.

Love is a one-syllable term with an inexplicable undertone of loyalty, faith, display of trust, security and romance between 2 people.

It needs time, effort and energy to get through.

And when it comes to sex, you gotta keep your ants in your pants before jamming your sausage in the bun without any practice because there’s a 100% chance you’ll end up with a partner who thinks of you as a turn off because you’re so horny.

One needs to stop stressing over the “importance” of sex and focus on how the experience matters rather than the urgency and delay of its occurrence. I won’t respect you 10 times more if you tell me that you popped your cherry at 17 because, in the real world, your achievement holds no significance.

Rushing through sex only leads to a boring sex life when you’re in your prime years so save those special soldiers for a while, tiger.

Ease it up, talk to your partner, listen to her/his likes and dislikes and only then, move forward. Hyping up sex to an extent that the real deal doesn’t come even close to your expectations is the worst mistake we make and as for the males, know this:

Any man who rushes through sex has a potential chance of ruining not just that particular experience for his sexual partner but potentially distorting her/his views about sex altogether for the rest of their life.

And that’s something you don’t want on your conscience, do you?

The Solution:

It’s better to focus on other aspects of life such as… guess what? EDUCATION.

Get your head outta your butt and sniff those old books, mister. Focus on improving your personality instead of trying to be something you’re not just to impress your crush.

Try and think with your brain instead of your penis. Your day will come soon. Pun totally intended.

Groom yourself, get a job, invest money, party like there’s no tomorrow but don’t risk all that just because you want to meet “the one” and “get down” with him/her.

Word of the wise, son. Take it.

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