The alpha male.

That one man who scares you regardless of his shape and size. The one man who you wish you’d be. The one man who can walk into a tank of full of sharks and walk out taming them. Okay, I’m making it sound like an Axe deodorant commercial but you get the hint.

An alpha male, in simple words, is the ideal male who’s a force to be reckoned with.

He’s the dominator yet he makes it look effortless and believe me, you’d listen to him without feeling submissive.

Most of the men (or boys) that I see or interact with these days lack that quality. They don’t know what it takes or feels to be an alpha male. They’re happy being a part of the herd, the mediocre Yes men, the average Joes, the shoe lickers and the butt kissers.

But hey, I’m here to help you with some hacks on how you can go from being the average Joe to the alpha Joe.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what makes an alpha male and how you can be that:

#1. Power dressing:

In my previous article, I talked about the importance of Indian males needing a fashion sense because it’s mostly a sharply dressed fellow over a couch potato who steals the show.

Alpha Male
The “My suit is better than you and I know it” look

The alpha male doesn’t just dress to impress, he knows when to dress up, where to dress up and how to dress up. He won’t show up to the club in a Dolce 3-piece and he’s the most perfectly dressed individual for the occasion. Check out my previous article on the same for further information and you can use this as a guide to dressing up as per the occasion.

#2. Influence the situation, don’t manipulate it:

Accept the fallacies, laugh at yourself, work on yourself and most importantly, never try and hide your shortcomings.

An alpha male is proud of he is because he knows he’s more than the egotistical trash talk and the braggadocio chest pump.

He knows, accepts and works on improving his shortcomings instead of trying to diffuse the situation and avoid his mistakes.

He believes in the idea of striving for perfection and doesn’t believe he’s perfect. That’s the balance that you millennial egocentric douchebags need to realize and maintain.

Here you go: Middle Class Indian Men Need To Have A Fashion Sense Because Most Of Them Look Like Clerks And Peons

#3. Women. Women. Women. :


The most important point which brings me back to the time when I wrote an article on why Indian males have a vehemently terrible flirting game (Read It Here) and I possibly couldn’t emphasize more on this.

Alpha Male
Confident. Composed. Chivalrous. The 3 Cs of the perfect alpha male for all the ladies out there!

An alpha male IS NOT A LITTLE B**CH and he’s not a potential rapist.

He’s the perfect combination of confidence, chivalry and an assertive personality. He’s dominant in his zone but he will never force himself on you.

And most importantly, an alpha male accepts rejection with grace.

He doesn’t go parading about how women are screw-ups and neither does he wallow in a puddle of his drool and sadness, binging on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and Sex And The City repeats. He understands, he appreciates honesty and respects your choices.

#4. GET. SHIT. DONE. :

Be a professional. But never take anyone’s shit.

Your job sucks? Change it. Your boss is an asshole and harasses you? Man up to him and tell him. An alpha male never uses violence unless it’s for self defense and he prefers to use dialogue to confidently assert his opinions.

Don’t be afraid, crouching tigers. Bring out your hiding dragons.

When I ask you to defy a harassing authority, I appeal to those who struggle with confidence but for the overconfident jocks, you might wanna tone it down.

As much as an alpha male is about confidence, he’s not about egocentrism.

He’s a go-getter, he exhibits his self-belief and that’s what you should do. Believe in your ability to do better and never stop improving yourself, professionally and personally.

The perfect alpha male aims to outdo himself every step of the way without overdoing it and now is the time you shed that cloak of insecurity and take control of things in your life.

My dear brothers, pull out that suit and treat your lady right. Excel at your job and stand up for what’s right. I have no clue how I made it rhyme but most importantly, BELIEVE. Believe in yourself and your ability to do better.

After all, an alpha male is an alpha male because he believes he is.


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