One cannot deny that social media has created an environment where privacy is practically meaningless. Whether it be the constant judging on our posts from random strangers, trolls having nothing better to do except stir up fights or even our very own WhatsApp with its dreaded ‘blue tick’ of doom.

WhatsApp for that matter, ever since its inception while being vital as a messaging app, has created nothing but trouble for us all.

I still remember, on the nights I’d stay up late, being very careful to not open the WhatsApp application in case someone else sees my last seen as being 4 am in the morning.

Things did not improve from there and in fact only worsened with the double tick which indicated that the sender’s message has been received, the online status which would reveal that you are currently using WhatsApp and of course the infamous blue tick that shows your message has been read and then promptly ignored.

However, just because I have read a message and it shows a blue tick, does it mean I am ignoring the other person?

Let us take a look at these 5 scenarios where a blue tick might show but does not mean that I have ignored the other person:

1. One of the reasons you might not be responding is that you are not well and while have seen the message, do not have the energy to reply.

2. Another could be because WhatsApp or that particular chat opened accidentally. You might have been meaning to open some other chat or perhaps the notification popped up suddenly and you clicked on it accidentally.

3. Sometimes you see the message but are perhaps mentally not ready to answer. Maybe the message was a question to which you don’t have an answer to or are uncomfortable answering.

4. Busy with work, meeting, family or any other emergency. Sometimes you are genuinely so busy that you do not have even a single second to spare to reply to a message.

5. This one is more a psychological headspace that people sometimes get in where they are just anti-people. It does not always have to be something severe like depression, but it could just be that you are not in a mood to engage in any kind of conversation that will surely start if you reply.

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There is an instant paranoia that people get these days that surely if a person has not replied to them then they must be ignoring them.

This results in a barrage of more messages, upon seeing the blue tick, asking why exactly that person has not replied and why are you ignoring them.

Which is not always the best or decent thing to do, seeing as you might not know why that person has not replied to your message and jumping to conclusions just proves your immaturity.

A good way to handle such a situation is to wait at least a couple of hours, before sending just a short and crisp reminder message asking them to acknowledge your message. Instead of calling them out for ignoring you, a mature way to deal with this would be to give the other person the benefit of doubt.

And if you are the only not replying, then you too could just send a short BRB (be right back) or ‘busy’ in case you don’t have time to talk at that moment.  This shows the moral class of a person that even if you might not be able to reply fully, you have acknowledged their message and will soothe the other person by letting them know you are not ignoring them.

It is time, that the millennial generation stops taking everything so personally and learn to take things in stride.

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