Yeah, I said it. Like a typical modern day narcissistic man, I feel that most of the men who surround me lack style and that’s exactly why I feel that middle-class Indian men need to have a fashion sense.

Now I don’t have anything against the Indian men, or maybe I do and you can read my article on why I feel that Indian men have a terrible flirting game as well.

I digress.

I feel most Indian men from the upper middle or middle class in terms of economic stature don’t realize the value of a style statement and most of them live with the myth that fashion can only be afforded by those with a heavy pocket full of a certain green paper.

So let me break down some pints for you as to why I feel fashion is important and why most Indian men need to have a fashion sense. Here goes:

#1. Looks don’t matter but your appearance does:

If you’re a 21-year-old college student who thinks he’s not the most handsome and then you make 0 efforts to groom yourself and dress well, how good do you expect things to turn out in your favor or how do you expect any attention from the opposite sex?

Scenario 2:

I see most middle-aged men in markets wearing ill-fitted T-shirts which basically look like crop tops because their bellies are too fat to fit in.

My question is WHY?

The fact that you’re unwilling to make 0 efforts and embarrass your millennial child and wife in a public place means you’re unwilling to adapt to any change.

There’s a good chance your wife thinks of you as a non-presentable bum who’s stubborn and un-classy. That’s why she takes you to a market and not to a jazz club, regardless of your un-inherited modernity.

This makes women look at you like a guy who’s functional but not funky.


#2. Money is not a question or a problem:

Folks, when I say that Indian men need to have a fashion sense, I don’t say it because I’m super rich and I sit and talk like a British diplomat judging those beneath me. No.

Indian Men Need To Have A Fashion Sense
Money can buy stylists but not fashion sense.

I’m an upper middle class guy myself and yes, there are times when you’ll see me hogging chicken shwarma in my track pants but there are times when you’ll find me at parties or in college looking like a totally different of me.

Do I wear Armani, Gucci, Dolce, Versace or Tom Ford? I don’t.

What I do wear are the brands that I can afford and I make sure I look my best when I’m headed to college with a funky T-shirt and jeans or take that crisp shirt collection out when I’m meeting my special lady.

This circles back to the first point because what matters is your will to change and then optimizing your needs and wants accordingly to invest a little in your style.

#3. A professional style statement is what we need:

Let’s get real.

Most Indian men at interviews look like clerks and peons.

But the moment a sharply dressed guy walks in, heads turn. You know this guy has stepped in to be the Alpha male and he’s not f**king around.



Indian men need to have a fashion sense not for anyone but themselves because the age-old saying which goes like “first impression is the last impression” is true to the cent. A sharply dressed man, student or husband is any day more attractive than a lousy couch potato.

#4. Having a fashion sense doesn’t mean dressing up for red carpets:

When I talk about fashion sense an quite blatantly say that Indian men need to have a fashion sense, I don’t ask of all the men to act like Barney Stinson and stick on a suit 24×7, 365. No.

Time and fashion sense go hand in hand like conjoined twins. Forgive me for the crass reference because I’m not a Romeo-Juliet union character.

Inevitably, I digress.

Coking back to what I was saying about fashion and time:

Say you’re going out for a “bros only” meet-up? Put on a casual shirt, a nice pair of fitted pants with derby shoes and you’re set to roll.

Going for an interview? Crisply ironed shirt and trousers with a leather satchel for your documents.

Going to watch a movie? Pair a casual T-shirts and jeans with some funky sneakers.


The more you manage and experiment with your style, the better you look and feel about yourself because you discover what looks best on you and the better you make others feel with your presence.

Guys, being a stand-out character is easy but being an alpha male is difficult. Dressing sharp is the first step but for being a true alpha male, tune into my next article.


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