Now, let me get this straight. Pun intended. I’m straight. No puns, here. Man crush is a real phenomenon and in terms of straight guys, a man crush doesn’t have to be romantic and as Google defines it, an intense and typically non-sexual liking or admiration felt by one man for another.”

Keyword being: Non-sexual.

So, here we are with a little twist of our own as we present you 5 such celebrities whom you could totally have a man crush on:

#1. Kevin Love:

Oh, dude. My dude. Carpe diem, you perfect specimen of a human body.

Kevin Love is one of the most talented and good-looking basketball players in the NBA. Known for his extremely calm demeanor and a great fashion sense, he’s an icon on and off the field.

He’s the starting center for the NBA outfit Cleveland Cavaliers and is an NBA champion.

If only I had abs like these and a face like that. My dude Kevin, you rock.

Why’s he on our list? Well, looking at his ridiculously amazing physique and his drive to make up for his injury in the 2016 finals and on the road to his first ever championship with the likes of LeBron James, why shouldn’t he be?

#2. Chris Hemsworth:

The God of thunder, the son of Odin, an Avengers member and a guy with a killer bod. Such is the legacy of our totally man-crush-worthy Australian dude, actor Chris Hemsworth.

Known worldwide for his portrayal of Thor in Marvel movies, he’s carved a niche for himself and is now one of the A-league stars. It’s truly a rare event when an actor graces our screen who can actually pack some muscles and act well at the same time.

Yeah, he pretty much looks like an actual Norse God

Chris Hemsworth does it absolutely to perfection.

#3. Gordon Ramsay:


Man, is he the most cuss-word-using-but-still-charming fella or what?


His British accent, his perfectionist way of cooking and getting the best out of the people who work with him, his impeccable way of presentation of his food and himself, a constant hunger for more (pun intended) in terms of success and a determination to maintain the exorbitantly high standards he has set for himself put him on our list!

Gordon Ramsay, you’re a f##king legend, mate!

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#4. Gordon Hayward:

Easily the guy with the best hairstyle in the NBA.

The former Utah jazz star recently joined Boston Celtics this season but his season got off to a terrible start as he endured a season-ending injury in his first match of the season.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t be on our list of celebrities who are totally man-crush-worthy, does it?

Gordon Hayward is one of the most handsome players in the NBA and definitely one of the most skillful. Agile on the ball and stylish off of it, Hayward is definitely a future champion and we wish him a speedy recovery!

#5. David Beckham:

There was a time when David Beckham was English football’s favorite child.

There still is the time when he’s one of the richest sportsmen in the world even without touching a football in 4 years, thanks to the tremendous brand he has built around him.

David Beckham is literally man crush goals.

In his prime, he was a gem on the ball, a free kick specialist, a style icon and a global superstar.

He still is a global superstar, except he looks even better now!

Look at him, I mean just look at him:

Editor’s Take:

A special mention to Nikolaj Coster Waldau and the character of Jaime Lannister which he plays on Game Of Thrones. One could watch hours of his videos just walking in his Kingsguard armour.

So there you have it, folks!

Our list of celebrities worth having a man crush on. Think you know more such celebrities? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below!

Image Credits: Google Images

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