While you read this article, look around you and just vaguely count, how many people are currently listening to music via their earphones or headphones?

Yes, yes, it depends on where you are, but whatever the place might be, your local gym, your office, the metro, the shared cabs, sometimes your own house, everyone plugs in their earphones for a smooth experience, and mostly so they can block out everyone else.

That’s it, this is another one technological produce that we cannot sustain our lives without now anymore.

Can you imagine going through an entire commute without earphones? NO!

They are hella indispensable and hella cool too!

So, this kalyug of earphones, is it really that bad?

I mean, aren’t we all taking precautions while using our earphones?

Or are we risking ourselves to some bad stuff that’s about to come our way?

Maybe these reasons of how earphones are harmful, will give you some thoughts to ponder upon.

Accidents, Accidents, Accidents, SPLAT!

Commute, isn’t that the most frequent duration of listening to cranked up music so as to ignore everything going around us? But what are some deathly hazards that are encountered? What if there is a rushing car honking towards you and you can’t hear it?

What if someone has dropped a 200 kilo RD Sharma math book from their balcony (by accident, or maybe on purpose?) and people are shouting at you to get out of the way, but you just can’t hear them.

Because Final Destination taught us that death is all around us, we are merely increasing our risk of falling prey to it by always using our earphones and ignoring the outside world.

Horrible, Icky, Disgusting Ear Infections!

Isn’t it cute when you pass by a couple listening to music from the same device and the same earphones? Aw, so cute, much love. Isn’t it also cute when one of them will develop an ear infection? Um, no, I don’t think so.

Honestly, it is so appalling to me as a semi-OCD person, HOW CAN PEOPLE SHARE THEIR EARPHONES? Will you share your underwear with anyone?

When you share earphones, you double the bacteria (or microbial flora) in your ear, which leads to fungus, ear infections, spots and blackheads. Eww.

I Like Loud Music And I Cannot Lie!

Did you know, according to ear doctors, or Audiologists, you should only listen to music via earphones at levels up to 60% of the volume and for only 60 minutes a day. The louder the volume, the shorter the duration.  

If a doctor can tell you this, I can definitely tell you this as well that I’m sure nobody follows this, but we probably should. Standard headphones can produce sound up to 110 decibels high, which is the equivalent of strapping a power saw to each ear.

I’m sure you don’t want to go deaf at such a young age, when there is so much more music to be explored! The scarier part about loud music via earphones is that it is also known to cause nerve damage.

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Learning Disabilities And Lesser Output

Two of the most frequent times I listen to music is when I am solving math problems (ugh) or when I am working. Turns out, I picked the worst two times to listen to music.

Studying, or working while listening to music on our earphones can actually hamper our efficiency and our output. Contrary to the popular belief that music helps us focus, it actually disrupts our concentration and affects our comprehension and our memory.

Disturbing Others And Just Being A Dumbo In General

Now this effect of listening to loud music on your earphones is not a scientific one, but it definitely leads to some damage, and the effect is twofold.

Some older headphones do not have the surround sound effect, which just means that the music leaks out of the earphones.

Do you want to listen to “Chammak Challo” from someone else’s earphones while you are trying to study for your big finals? Or do you want to subject a bhajan devotee to your heavy metal music? 

If you are stuck in your ways of listening to loud music for a long duration, think about maybe keeping the volume and your alertness in check. If not, you can hit me up for some good ENT specialists. I am sure you’ll need them soon!

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Sources: Healthy Hearing, Venas News, Disabled World

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