Watch: Why Is Measles Called “Mata” in India?

Well in India, anything can be believed as the truth so it's not that unexpected at all. 

In India, the term “Mata Aagyi” is pretty popularly used when somebody acts eccentrically or behaves abnormally. However, the thing we did not know is that people in India are referred to be under the influence of God even during certain diseases like measles.

Shocking, isn’t it?

Well in India, anything can be believed as the truth so it’s not that unexpected at all.

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By medical definition, measles is a dangerous as well as contagious disease which results in the breakout of red, itchy rashes all over the body. The thing which is weird is that this disease, according to old Indian beliefs, is linked to an Indian Goddess.

To find out further about why and how measles, a viral disease, can be related to “Mata” check out this informative video blog:

Sources: Daily Hunt, WHO, Wittyfeed

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