Watch: Why Can’t We Dub English Movies Without Making Them Sound Dumb?

As soon as Deadpool 2’s Hindi trailer was out, I started wondering why can’t we Indians dub English movies without making them sound dumb?

I mean no offence to all the Ranveer fans out there. I think he has done a phenomenal job with his voice, all I am trying to say is that the dialogues in general sound stupid.

Regional and Hollywood movies have always sounded stupid when dubbed in Hindi to a point where comedy becomes absolute crass.

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So here’s a perspective into why we can’t dub English movies without making them sound stupid, watch:

Have any more titles/dialogues to add to the list?

Let us know in the comments below!

Picture Credits: Google Images

Sources: FridayMovieBlog, Reckontalk, Mensxp +more

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