Watch: What Is Deferred MBA? Should You Do It? Where To Do It From?

Every high paying managerial job demands work experience. Deferred MBA programs allow you to first have work experience and then join the MBA course. Here's everything you need to know about Deferred MBA.

There was a time when MBA was easy to do. But in today’s world, with automation on an exponential rise, human resource is the most precious resource for an organization.

Now, not only is getting a good MBA seat difficult, but some work experience is being demanded in some MBA programs. Such programs are called Deferred MBA programs.

Deferred MBA programs demand work experience for 1 or 2 years according to the detail of the program and the university offering it, and you are guaranteed an MBA seat after the work duration.

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So what exactly is a deferred MBA?

Should you do a deferred MBA?

Where should you do it from?

Here’s a compilation of every detail you need to know about a deferred MBA program and which institutions around the world are best for Indians to do a deferred MBA.

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Sources: Ivy Admissions Group, Mim Essay, Veritas Prep

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