Watch: What Do Your Headphones Say About You?

I don't use any, so am I broke according to headphone-psychology?

Most people take so much time to choose their accessories, men and women, thinking of the kind of person they want to look like. But what we don’t usually realize is that people around you also perceive the kind of person you are, the personality you have, looking at your accessories.

This is very true for earphones and headphones. Inc has done a complete study on what people think of you when you wear headphones to work.

There can be many different types of perceptions: Does this person have good taste in music? Does she want to be left alone? Do they not have enough money to buy decent headphones? Do they like low-fi earphones?

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We bring to you, a collection of a few such headphones and their personality types. These perceptions may differ from people to people and some statements are just jokes.

(But if you own an iPhone X or above with Airpods, I’m thinking about which kidney you’re missing. Unless of course, you’re rich, in which case I’m going to cry in the corner of my room looking at my Vivo whose earphones broke apart.)

Tell us about the kind of headphones you like and we will definitely judge you based on that. I found old Samsung earphones so now I’m going to listen to music only in one ear! Cheers!!

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