Watch: The Story Of The Superwoman Who Saved A Native Assam Bird From Being Extinct

There are many animals who are either on the verge of being extinct or they already have. One such bird is the Greater Adjutant.

This bird shares the fate of being endangered all across the world. Added to that, it is also widely loathed by the general narrative.

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Now, although we don’t appreciate such statuses of species, we often consider ourselves to be incapable of protecting them.

And here’s where we need to know how the Greater Adjutant fell into the right hands.

Found in the villages of the Kamrup district of Assam, these birds are natives of this land.

Through the video below, let’s discover who came to their rescue.

Sources: Wikipedia, The Hindu, Huffington Post + more

Image credits: Google Images

Find the author at Sampurnaa Bora

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