Watch: The History Behind The Country’s Loved Summer Treat i.e. Chuski Or Gola

Dilli ki Garmi’ and the extreme humidity during the months of June and July, makes ‘Chuski’ AKA ‘Barf Ka Gola’ the country’s favourite dessert choice.

We 90’s kids may have had the option of having a choco bar but always chose chuski over everything else. We are the ones who have grown up on this desi dessert.

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As a food connoisseur and a history lover, I wondered what the story behind the shaven ice dripping in colored syrup was.

After some digging, it turned out that chuski has a history as colorful and varied as its syrups. India’s most loved summer treat, is not so desi in reality and in fact comes from different parts of the world.

If you are already salivating then watch this video that I curated to know the history behind this legendary dessert and satisfy your curiosity. Go visit your nearest chuski wala once you are done.

Image Credits: Teesta Biswas, Google Images

Sources: The Better India, Wikipedia

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