The pandemic has left a strange feeling of post-apocalyptic isolation in the lives of everyone, out of which, the greater brunt of it has been felt by the students still in their formative years.

An approximate two years of staying back at home has encapsulated a strange feeling of effective FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in their lives. The said feeling exists due to the sole reason of them missing out on the golden years of their student life which can barely be exacted the further they move into adulthood.

However, numerous states have decided that with COVID-19 cases reducing to a crawl along the lengths of the country, it is the optimal time to reopen schools.

This will, inadvertently, enable the students to have a more hands-on experience in their education and effectively make the process of learning more effective than online classes.

This has also made the process of education much more inclusive than online classes ever were as students belonging to every stratum of our society can learn hand in hand, indiscriminately. 

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It is only observable that almost all states have taken gratified precautions as the pandemic’s threat still looms. Most schools are to open with 50% attendance and are mostly opening for students belonging to middle and senior schools.

It must also be noted that masks have been made mandatory, while lunch breaks and co-curricular classes have been redacted or reduced to keep physical contact at a minimum.

The only thing that is yet to be seen is if and how the third wave will affect the educational institutions in our country, if it is to arrive. Barring that, the only thing one should worry about is getting themselves vaccinated at the earliest. 

It probably is just mere wishful thinking but the government should slowly but surely look towards getting its future generations vaccinated at the earliest.

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