Watch: Sci-Fi Movies Of The Past That Accurately Predicted Technology Of The Future

Shocking predictions which have now become reality!

With their futuristic technology and fascinating interpretations of what the future world will look like, sci-fi movies keep the audience hooked and indulge the imagination. 

The audience may interpret science fiction movies as just a form of entertainment with no truth to their content. But sometimes, the unimaginable technology they create turns out to be more than just a work of fiction.  

Many of the sci-fi movies made decades ago, such as Blade Runner (1982), set in November 2019, got their predictions about the future of technology eerily accurate.

From mobile phones, video calling services, drones and artificial intelligence to self-driving cars, some of these movies made shocking predictions, which have now very much become a reality. 

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In this present digital age, such forecasts about technological advancements may not appear groundbreaking, considering that technology is always at our fingertips. But most of these sci-fi movies were created at a time when technology was in its infancy. 

It’s certainly fascinating to see how far-off or accurate these movies were, so here’s a list of some of the most iconic sci-fi movies that hit the nail on the head with the predictions. 

What are some other sci-fi movies that accurately predicted future technology? Let us know in the comments below!

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Sources: Business Insider, Screen Crush, BBC

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