Watch: Mythological Sites From Ramayana That Actually Exist Till Date With Proof

This lockdown, DD National’s Ramayana made a record for being the most viewed television show in India. Even in the late 80s, Ramayana was a show that kept people glued to their television screens.

Since childhood, we have heard tales of Lord Rama killing evil Ravana, Goddess Sita being kidnapped, Lord Hanumana burning Lanka, etc. Every year during Navratras, Ramayana is performed live on stage in almost every area.

However, there have been lots of speculations as to whether Ramayana is a true story or just a legend. Many people wonder if the events actually happened or they are just a work of the writer’s imagination.

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Well, we did some research and came across many things that prove that Ramayana can indeed be a reality. Here, we have mentioned a few:

Brilliant, right? These things indicate that Ramayana actually happened. If you ever plan on taking a tour of Sri Lanka, don’t forget to visit these sites!

Sources: Musafir, One India, Free Press Journal

Image Credits: Google Images

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