171 years ago, on 29 April 1848, one of the greatest Indian painters of all times – Raja Ravi Varma was born. Raja was not a title that he had inherited, but it was a title that Viceroy Curzon had given to him.

Ravi Varma was born in an aristocratic family of Kerala. His mother was a poet and father a Sanskrit scholar. Because of this he was well versed in Hindu epics and later drew scenes from the same.

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The gifted painter used many techniques that made his paintings look alive. He is particularly famous for giving a face to Indian Gods and Goddesses and then mass printing the same so that everyone could afford it.

He believed that art must not be limited to a selected few rich people, but should be enjoyed by everyone. These paintings didn’t only reach people’s houses, but also their mandirs, as the paintings were worshiped as manifestations of their Gods.

Raja Ravi Verma is one of the few painters whose paintings have been sold for millions of dollars, thus he has a membership in the Million Dollar Club of Artists.

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Source: Knapilly, Wikipedia

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