Watch: Hit Films That Were Turned Down By Big Hollywood Production Houses

You will feel slightly better about your own decisions...

Hannah Montana once said “everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days” but imagine making a mistake that is celebrated worldwide and loved by all.

We might have different tastes and preferences when it comes to movies but there are some films which are widely and wildly loved by all of us.

These movies that I am going to list here have been a part of our childhood, maybe our personalities too.

But can you imagine that these blockbusters that literally shook the world with their concept and storyline were once rejected by some of the biggest producers because they thought it was “too dirty” or “too stupid” to produce?

Guess, the only one “too dumb” here are these major Hollywood production houses that rejected these movies.

Some of them like Disney have managed to prosper nevertheless. But others, they would have been somewhere else had they put their money on these films.

No spoilers but, Columbia rejected to produce a movie (check the video to see which one) and instead only bought 5% stakes of the film. By the end of the year, most of the earnings of the production house were through those 5% stakes.

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All of these movies have created history in one way or the other, yet it is a surprise to know that they were initially rejected by major Hollywood studios.

Watch the video to know more:

So? What did you think? Were the producers right to reject them?

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