It is extremely important to stay active and fit. It is beneficial for one’s physical health to engage in any physical movement for at least 30 minutes daily. Yet, we are living in an age where taking things to the extreme has become the new norm. Toxic fitness culture is one such anomaly.

What Is The Toxic Fitness Culture?

Fitness should make you feel good emotionally and physically. When one saturates the quota of mental and physical fulfillment, they surpass the boundaries of healthy exercise and become obsessed with physically exerting themselves at all times.

Toxic fitness culture is not just related to oneself. It harms others as well. People who make going to the gym and physically straining themselves their personalities, often tend to belittle others who are not all-consumed by working out. The toxicity of the gym culture makes one obsessed with physical appearance.

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The obsession with physical appearance and nothing beyond that is particularly limiting and pigeonholes people into just one characteristic trait.

Watch the video below to identify the traits of toxic fitness culture.


The key to a healthy life is to find a balance between fitness and lethargy.

Are you a victim of a toxic fitness culture? Let us know in the comment sections.

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