Watch: Fusion Desserts To Bring Home This Festive Season

Everyone has a sweet tooth!

The Indian calendar is full of festivals, throughout the year something or the other is always coming up. We, Indians, have a sweet tooth, and no festival, event, or celebration is a success unless there is a platter full of delicious sweets. 

Apart from shopping, what gets people excited is good food and a whole lot of sugary indulgences. After all, what are festivals for, if one can’t mithai-binge!

Creative culinary minds have come together to give timeless traditional recipes an elevated look and taste. When East meets West, fusion sweets are born. 

Innovative fusion desserts give people a perfect balance of traditional and modern, mouth-watering dishes. Eateries are working overtime to produce some out-of-the-box ideas to keep all the foodies on their toes this festive season. 

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Fusion desserts are light and well balanced, with no single component overpowering the other. With the use of the best ingredients possible, these dishes give all food lovers an opportunity to try out something fun and unique. 

Here are some fusion desserts one must try out this season.

There are more to these desserts, like Apple Jalebi, Chocolate Kalakand, Vegan Carrot Halwa Trifle, Kesar Badam Cupcakes, Avocado Kalakand, and many more. Let us know in the comment section, what fusion dessert you are looking forward to trying out this festive season. 

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