Watch: Crazy Food Challenges From All Over India

Every food lover dreams of a reality where they can eat unlimited servings of their favorite food, these food challenges gathered from all over the world are a dream come true for them!

What most people are unaware of is that they can get more than they can eat, simply by participating in some of the food challenges that happen in India seasonally or year-round.

From fat juicy burger and yummy shake to colossal paranthas, you can eat large servings of them anytime you want, and guess what? if you finish the meal within a time frame, you will get it all for free.

Yes! it is possible!

You just have to enter in one of these competitions listed in the video down below and if your stomach capacity is as big as your dreams, nothing can stop you, my friend.

You can even get free food for life.

Now, who doesn’t want that?

Watch the video to find out more about these food challenges and where they take place.

These challenges might seem easy to some, but you should not overestimate your eating abilities. Many have tried and many have failed.

Only a few people have actually been able to win.

Can you make history by eating? Try and find out, it’s a win-win!

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Sources:  Indiatimes, Makemytrip

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