Watch: Five Weirdest Museums From Around The World

Museums originated with the basic idea of collecting, preserving, and taking utmost care of artifacts and objects because they tell a story and narrate the history of a certain region, movement, person, or any other significant event.

Museums were created so that the artifacts that hold significance can be preserved and shown to future generations. These artifacts play an essential role in narrating the historical stories and are evidence of the same.

Not just important artifacts, but museums were made to pay respect and give knowledge to people about certain important personalities. For instance, there is a Mahatma Gandhi Museum which has everything about him including his contributions toward the independence of India.

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Thus, museums were made to educate people and give knowledge to people about certain events, personalities, and artifacts. However, gone are the days when museums were limited to this. Nowadays, museums are equivalent to education, fun, and thrill.

Now there are museums being opened for weird stuff. You may name something and there would probably be a museum for the same. You name it, and you have it. Poop? Yes, there’s a museum. Ramen? Yes, again! Lingerie? Absolutely yes! Death? Ye… Well, you can check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us.

Do comment below and let us know if you will visit any of these museums. 

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