Watch: Five Deadliest Wars In The World History

War is an activity in which humanity has been involved from its inception. All wars have the potential to be lethal to those who serve their country on the front lines, but some stand out in history for the enormous human toll they exacted on the countries involved.

Though the question of how to compute a list of the deadliest wars has been debated, determining this includes taking into account developments in technology and armament, as well as population growth, both of which may account for the massive loss of life in battles. 

In order to demonstrate our superiority over others, we frequently conduct deadly battles, but the outcomes are never worth the bloodshed. World War II was very definitely the most devastating conflict in human history.

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Between 1939 and 1945, sixty to eighty million people died. Military deaths accounted for 21 to 25 million of the total, with the remaining being civilian. Aside from that, the world has seen many more lethal wars. 

So, let us have a look at a few of the world’s deadliest wars in world history. 

War is never an ideal option, and thus it should always be refrained from because even if one of the involved nations win, there is never really a victory considering the human loss that comes along.

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