Watch: ‘Do You Babysit?’ & Other Hilarious Sledging Incidents In The India Vs Australia Series

Team India edged closer to history as they thrashed Australia by 137 runs in the third test in Melbourne, going two up in the four-match test series. But what caught everyone’s attention was not the cricket, but the verbal spat amongst the two sides on the field.

Often known as ‘Sledging‘, it has become an age-old practice in cricket but the spotlight on it is now more than ever. The introduction of social media and fierce competition has brought the best out of sledging and the fans seem to love it.

Yes, sledging does have a great impact on a player’s mindset on the field. The act of taking the cool out of your opponent and distract him is what sledging is (also known as playing a ‘clever game’).

The on-going India vs Australia series has had several sledging incidents between the two teams, despite Steve Smith and David Warner missing from the Aussie side.

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It was only in the second test that we saw sledging for the first time in the series when Kohli was heard saying If he messes it up, its 2-0, to which Paine replied, You’ve got to bat first, big head.

From there on, it only ignited the flame, with something similar in day two of the third test in Melbourne happening. Tim Paine was again in the mix of it, which started when Rohit Sharma came to bat on the crease.

Not only Rohit Sharma, but Rishabh Pant was also on the end of some banter by Paine on day three of the third test. The sledging increased pace in the second Innings of Indian batting.

The Indians did not hold back and replied with hilarious comebacks to silence the Australians when they came onto bat.

Although cricket is a ‘Gentlemen’s Game’, you seriously cannot miss the hilarious banter and comebacks that were exchanged on the pitch.

We bring you a compilation of all the sledging incidents in one video:

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Sources: Hindustan Times, Fox Sports, News18

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