Watch: Video Game Created 2 Years Ago Is Based On The Sabarimala Temple Issue Of Today

Video games are always fun, helping one relax and enjoy. However, Darshan Diversion, a video game created two years ago, is not all about fun. Its unique concept will surely catch your eye.

Made in Global Game Jam, an annual game-creation event in 2016, the game’s theme has an uncanny resemblance with the Sabarimala temple issue, which was in headlines just a few months ago.

With women clad in red saris, trying to reach the top floor of a temple, and priests stopping them from reaching the top, one cannot help but think of the Sabarimala temple issue while playing the game. A red-colored blinking light near the head of the women indicates that they are menstruating and need to be stopped from reaching the top.

What makes it all the more interesting is the fact that it came out in 2016, and not when the issue was making headlines. It is for this reason that the game is said to be ‘ahead of its time’.

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The game’s creators had no idea that the concept of the game would receive so much of attention, especially two years after it was released.

Here’s more about the game and what led to its creation:

If your hands are itching to play this game, we’ve got your back. You can download the game from here. Thank us later!

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Sources: Scroll, New Indian Express, National Public Radio

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