The ways in which news influences the world on a daily basis is overwhelming. But the amount of fake news in what we listen to or read every day, is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

You simply cannot tell whether a certain news is right or is fake in today’s time.

This has been aptly described by the song Baba Bolta Hai Bas Ho Gaya from the movie Sanju, which talks of how Sanjay Dutt’s normal habits are falsely projected as grave matters like suicide attempts and depression. 

Baba Bolta Hai Bas Ho Gaya – Song from the movie Sanju

The multi-billion dollar tech giant, Google, realized the need to fight fake news, specially in a democratic state like India, and so they came up with an initiative.

Why Is Fighting Fake News So Important?

For the past few years, avid readers have seen an increase in fake news which they initially believe until the stakeholders clarify. Fake news is defined in a journal called Science as “fabricated information that mimics news media content in form but not in organizational process or intent”.

We see areas of politics and celebrity-related information being majorly fabricated these days. To help achieve their own propaganda’s, politicians mostly make it a point to lie in more than half of the things they say.

This affects the psychology of the common man, who is misled into taking decisions which are not to be taken, like going on a strike against the current ruling government.

It would be a genuine response if the news is real, but at present, it is just a reaction to what one has heard.

Presenting the truth to citizens is important for them to make better decisions and for the country to be governed better.

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Google’s Initiative With Indian Media Companies

With the following objectives Google has decided to invest almost $300 million: elevate and strengthen quality journalism, evolve business models to drive sustainable growth and empower news organizations through technological innovation.

The initiative began earlier in March this year but now, has touched India as well. Media houses like Asianet News Media, Bharatiya Digital Party, FACTLY, Gaon Connection, India Today Group, Live Data Visualization Pvt Ltd, NDTV, NYOOOZ, ShepHertz, and Video Volunteers are included in the deal.

There are a total of 87 news organizations from 23 countries in this Google News program out of which 10 are in India.

7 wonderful organizations around the world namely, Check4Spam, Storyzy, Factmata, SM Hoax Slayer, Crisp Thinking, Userfeeds, AltNews are already fighting fake news for the past few years using advanced technology of artificial intelligence.

Hats off to their effort.

We strongly believe at ED that fake news is the root cause of major disturbances across the country and ethos of our organization will always stay against any falsified information.

Let us all not blindly believe in what we see, hear or read.

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Sources: Analytics India, Youth Incorporated, Economic Times

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