Watch: Devdutt Pattanaik’s New Book On Ramayana Vs. Mahabharata Is An Anticipated Must For Many Reasons

He's made mythology accessible to all in the simplest of forms.

Devdutt Pattanaik as a writer has had many successes. He’s made Hindu mythology accessible to all in the simplest of forms. His passion as a mythologist, gets highlighted in his writing.

Having written path breaking texts like Jaya, Sita, The Business Sutra, My Gita among others, he has now ventured into the realm of comparison.

In his latest called Ramayana Versus Mahabharata he will not only be comparing and contrasting both the epics, but will draw out 56 ideas and concepts common to both.

It is definitely one of his most awaited books, as he brings the two classical epics head to head, perhaps for the first time so explicitly. I simply cannot wait for it!

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Here’s taking a look:

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