Watch: Bollywood Movies That Are Based On Shakespeare’s Plays

This is what happened when Shakespeare reached the Bollywood industry

Bollywood filmmakers not once but on several accounts have adapted plays of William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet is the most common one out of the lot.

The movies were not only appreciated in India but worldwide; directors have been successful at not only earning well at the box office but also managed to do justice to the play.

These film adaptations come with their own altered and modified ways to fit the taste of the Indian audience. Some movies were able to hit the mark, while others weren’t received so well. But overall, the Indian Cinema has evolved enough to take in something new and adapt accordingly.

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Here are a few films that show what it’s like when Shakespeare reached Bollywood.

There are several more adaptations that have brought Western literature to Indian Cinema. Some have ruined classics for us while the others have managed to increase our interest in western literature, in their screenplay, plot, music, and dialogues. 

Let us know in the comment section what was the best movie adaptation you have come across.

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