Watch: Bizarre Things You Would Never Believe Are Banned By Customs Laws Across The World

Even chewing gum made on the list!

It is common knowledge that carrying firearms, weapons, drugs, and smuggling of gold is strictly restricted in airports across the world. Most of the customs regulations are quite practical and logical.

One can make an entire list of things that can be confiscated at the airport (looking at not allowing more than 100 ml of water in bottles for some reason). But there are some pretty weird customs regulations that can be made no sense of.

This video features bizarre import restrictions across the world that one should know about!

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While these import restrictions might seem bizarre at first, these weird bans are actually in place due to various rules followed by the respective countries themselves. At least now we know what to carry with us in our luggage when travelling to these countries.

If you know of any other things that should be added to the list, let us know by commenting below.

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Sources: Holidaze, Times of India, Far and Wide

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