Every four years, football fans and non-football fans alike await with bated breath to watch their favourite players don their nation’s colours and perform magic on the grandest stage. This wait is only aggravated as the World Cup draws closer by the day.

It is only a matter of time that we get to witness Ronaldo’s “Siuuu” celebration after a last-minute mammoth header taking Portugal to the semis. At least, I wish it happens.

Now, as we stand a quarter of a way through 2021, the FIFA World Cup only feels a whisker away from our grasp as it is slated to begin next year in Qatar.

The working conditions in Qatar for the many labourers have been put under massive scrutiny, the hype stays as strong as ever. The same hype leads to state a rather important quote that defines football in all its glory, made by Franklin Foer:

“Soccer isn’t the same as Bach or Buddhism. But it is often more deeply felt than religion.”

With that quote, let us do a deep dive into the historic moments that defined the World Cup as the historic sporting phenomenon in this current generation.

Spain’s Historic Turn In The 2010 FIFA World Cup

Confetti all around, as the Spanish National team celebrates the glory of the grandest award in football

The Spanish National Team has always had a reputation of producing world-class talent in the international footballing sphere, however, to everyone’s surprise, they had never won the coveted World Cup silverware until very recently in 2010.

The footballing community went into an absolute frenzy as the entire fraternity celebrated together on every corner of planet Earth.

The 116th minute of the 2010 FIFA World Cup final had been etched in the minds of every person on planet Earth as Andres Iniesta found the net at the very dying minutes of the tourney. Profoundly so, the rest has been declared as history.

Celebrations were the call of the hour!

Suarez’s Amazing Goal Keeping Skills

A few moments before Suarez made a keeper’s ‘save’

The match between Uruguay and Ghana left nothing to one’s imagination when concerned with quality. As the South Americans collided against the African giants, the tension could be felt all over. Until the Uruguayan powerhouse decided to display his goalkeeping skills.

As the Ghanian players were awarded a corner kick, Suarez took his place right in front of the goal post as the ball met the foot of the Ghanian player.

Sticking out a hand, Suarez went on to save the goal-facing ball as he positioned himself firmly between him and the potential goal scorer. The former Barcelona main man was then red-carded and shown out of the field. Can’t really fault the referee for that, honestly. 

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Superman Van Persie

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s just Van Persie doing what he does best!

Honestly, this goal needs absolutely no introduction. Van Persie’s inhuman flight through the air as he kissed the Brazilian air with sultry welcome, is still worth remembering.

Probably the best goal the World Cup has ever witnessed in two generations as the ball flew over Iker Casillas’ head and into the net. Suffice to say the Spanish Wall couldn’t do anything about it.

Honestly, without Blind’s inch-perfect cross into the Spanish defensive lines, we would never be able to see a goal of such perfection. Credit where credit is due, honestly.

Klose Becomes The All-Time Record Scorer 

Klose becomes the record top goalscorer of all time in the World Cup’s history and

If there has been a more consistent performer in the FIFA World Cups than Miroslav Klose, then I dare you to show me who it is and I shall leave writing for good.

Some players play the best for their clubs and some would rather play their best from the bench, and some choose to play their best at the grandest stage. That easily defines Miroslav Klose, one of the most well-known legends to ever don the German colours.

Beating the record at the historic (and surprising) match against Brazil that resulted in a 7-1 victory for the Germans, Klose recorded 16 goals in 4 World Cups spread through this generation. A true legend and an absolute hero. 

Messi And Ronaldo Lose Their Seat At The Same Time At The 2018 FIFA World Cup

The GOATs donning their country’s jersey, with the same sense of camaraderie they don in their club’s jersey

I decided to end this article on a somber note because well why not when you have both the GOATs in a single space.

To be fair, the 2018 World Cup in Russia wasn’t entirely memorable for either of the two legends as they stumbled upon entering the World Cup Round of 16, and both ended their stints hours apart from each other.

The two legends had their World Cup debuts a few hours apart and it was possible poetry that they ended it a few hours apart as well.

Hopefully, we won’t be seeing the last of them in this year’s qualifiers and they will be there to grace the field at the World Cup in 2022 as well. Maybe, it is time for either of the two to finally break the drought with them finally bagging the silverware home. 

No matter what happens, the 2022 FIFA World Cup is going to be a bag of surprise, anguish and excitement, and that is exactly what football is all about.

Also, I would rather someone have Qatar’s working conditions investigated because it does seem a little dicey. Taking someone’s passport away isn’t the coolest thing to do, honestly.

Let football live in harmony. No corporation can destroy its sanctity or call for equality.

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Sources: ABC News, Bleacher Report, Sportskeeda

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