Watch: 8 Smartphone Designs That Failed Terribly Due To Silly Reasons

Smartphones that came up with unique designs but soon became non-existent

The smartphone market is as crowded as a liquor shop that opened after a lockdown. There is always a new product coming in, and companies come and go like a passing cloud. 

There are two types of companies in the smartphone market, those who have figured out what their strength is, and keeps delivering that. Then, there are companies who like experimenting and creating something unique and new. 

With the vision to create something new, companies do get successful, take Apple as an example. But that does not happen every time. Some companies came up with unique designs and concepts with their models but soon disappeared into non-existence.

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Companies came up with ideas that could turn the tables of the smartphone market, but their poor judgment or execution made them dead as a dodo in no time.

Surprisingly, not only small companies but well-known companies are on the list too. Apple, as we know it, as the company that changed the whole smartphone world, released a model that dragged its reputation through the mud.

Want to know more about it, watch the video below-

Disclaimer- Apple is not the only big company to make mistakes, you will find Google and Microsoft there too having pretty bad fails.

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