Watch: 7 Ways In Which Technology Lets Us Live In The World Of Harry Potter

Living the life of a wizard is every Potterhead’s dream come true. If you are a Potterhead then at least at some point in your life you must have dreamt of living in a world that allows time travel, invisibility, and apparition.

I remember how the quiet evenings spent with my Harry Potter books teleported me into a world of fantasy that allowed me to think and explore beyond the rationale. Thanks to technology, this fantasy is slowly turning into reality.

Before you roll your eyes up in disbelief, let me remind you that most of the inventions we see around us were conceptualized by minds that were not experts in engineering but in penning down their imagination.

Yes, most of the gadgets we have today originated just as mere ideas proposed in science fiction ages ago. But, is the same true for fantasy literature as well? Yes, any genre of fiction can inspire an invention. Technology just bridges this gap between imagination and invention.

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While it’s not (presently) possible to recreate the wizarding world in its real sense, there are some common gadgets and applications whose uses are pretty similar to those of the various magical elements and objects mentioned in Harry Potter. The video below talks about 7 ways through which technology allows you to live a life no less than that of a wizard.

So, even if the magical world doesn’t allow the interference of technology, the latter has evidently enabled us muggles to incorporate a great deal of magic in our day-to-day lives! Which of these analogies do you find most appropriate? Let us know in the comments down below!

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