Watch: 7 Influential Indians Who Have Streets Named After Them In Foreign Countries

India fosters talent from all spheres of life. Be it the revolutionary and eminent poet Rabindranath Tagore, or one of the finest cricketers of all times Virat Kohli; the world always has acclaimed India for its plethora of intelligence and talent.

Along with the verbal admiration from prominent nations of the world, some of the most influential Indians were heartedly bestowed with recognition in varied other forms.

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Among all the other accolades, having a geographical location named especially after you, that too in a foreign country hits different notes for all the right reasons.

India proudly manifests the citizenship of these talented and incredibly impactful Indians who were dedicated a street abroad, as a token of respect and recognition.

Here are seven such influential Indians whose names shine on the signboards of streets in foreign countries.

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Sources: Outlook, India Today, Tripadvisor

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