Watch: 5 Times The Hypocrisy Of The Royal House Could Not Remain Hidden

Royalty, Rage and Ruse!

The British royal family has been in the news from the earliest of times for both good and bad reasons. Many have aspired to be like them, and others have resented them for very many reasons.

But like any other ordinary family, they have had their issues, and the fact that they are all public figures has not helped the case in any way.

Even if we keep aside the torment and torture they have inflicted on the rest of the world, hundred other things have exposed their cruelty, deceit, and their desperate want for power.

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And despite the Crown’s effort to pull all kinds of PR stunts, the controversies and hypocrisies seem to never end. One cannot deny that their actions are much more scrutinized more than that of other people.

But they also tend to have an easy escape from many of the ill deeds that should otherwise be reprimanded.

Watch our video to know more about these scandals!

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Sources: BBC News, Livemint, CNN

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