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Wackiest Harry Potter Fan Theories That Will Make You Go “Whaaaat!”


As is common with all major well-written fictional series, fans always do their best to read in between the lines to find as many clues as possible, however irrelevant they may seem.

A more enthusiastic and a little more nerdier group amongst the readers is the Harry Potter fandom. I’m sure you would have read about the numerous theories that eventually became canon or which essentially can be treated as canon because they are so obvious, for instance, the theory that when Professor Trelawney guessed that Harry was born in “mid-winter” (and was wrong because as we all know, HP’s birthday comes in July) she was actually detecting the Horcrux, i.e. Voldemort’s soul in Harry’s body (because Voldemort was born on 31st December, which can be deemed as “mid-winter”).

But this article is not going to mention those mainstream theories that you’ve come across your feed oh-so-many times.

Instead, I’m going to mention some wacky theories based on little to no evidence. After all, that’s what makes it an interesting read!


There is actually a legitimate site where you can find the whole concept with a point-by-point explanation. You can check it out right here.

I’m going to surmise the theory for you.

The basic foundation behind this theory is that we never see Draco’s, Dark Mark. Harry assumes Draco has been recruited as a Death Eater as a consequence of which he now bears the Dark Mark.

In Half-Blood Prince, when Harry is hiding in Borgin and Burkes, Draco threatens Borgin, he shows him something on his arm. It is assumed by Harry and by extension, us (the readers) that Draco was showing him the Dark Mark to intimidate him.

Moreover, Draco is described as “sickly” and “stressed out” throughout his 6th year. Now this can be attributed to the fact that he had been given the task to kill Dumbledore.

But, according to the theory, this holds a very similar parallel to how Remus Lupin was described around full moon in Prisoner of Azkaban.

Furthermore, when JKR introduces a certain concept or a certain character, it is not for naught. So, when Fenrir Greyback is introduced, as a character who punishes people by biting their children, nonetheless, it cannot be overlooked.

Speaking of punishment, according to the site mentioned above,

“Lucius’s demonstrated punishments do not seem severe enough for his transgressions at the end of the 5th book, by the standards we are supposed to expect from Voldemort by this point in the series. It is also important to keep in mind that Lucius also mishandled Riddle’s Diary, resulting in the destruction of one seventh of Voldemort’s soul. It is likely that Lucius’s additional punishment was unspeakably terrible.”

Sadly, this bomb theory has been shot down by JKR who said,

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This theory basically establishes that Regulus Black didn’t die after he acquired the locket that was masquerading as a Horcrux in 1979 but actually became an animagi and remained in hiding (just like Peter Pettigrew)

Crookshanks is introduced in the story as the time as Sirius Black is. Coincidence? Maybe, but as it is common with the JKR universe, something that seems like a coincidence usually isn’t.

It is also mentioned that Sirius can communicate with Crookshanks, which is all together weird. Fans are convinced there’s no way he could have worked it out if Crookshanks wasn’t another secret Animagus.

Also one of the most common arcs for Crookshanks is that he keeps trying to kill Scabbers (i.e. Pettigrew). Though it is mentioned that Sirius told Crookshanks to get Scabbers for him, what if Regulus, as Crookshanks, was just trying to stop Voldemort’s servant from returning to him?

And the ultimate kicker behind this theory?

The Black family is known for naming its children after constellations, and JKR is known to name her characters with frustratingly obvious names (remember moon moon?). So where Sirius was named for the Dog Star and took the form of a dog when he became an Animagus.

So isn’t it funny, then, that Regulus is a star featured in Leo? A constellation that is represented by a lion, which is basically just a great big hulking cat?



This theory came out waaaaaaay back when Order of the Phoenix was released. And I don’t mean the movie. I mean the book.

So obviously, this theory has been countered and slashed and settled to dust once and for all.

But lets talk about it for the sake of it. And I’ll surmise the theory for you in three points.

Firstly, both characters share a physical resemblance. Ron and Dumbledore have both been described as “tall” and “thin” and possessing “long, thin noses”. Older memories of Dumbledore describe him as having auburn hair.

Secondly, they share a love for sweets. This is established in the first book when Harry and Ron meet for the first time on the train and with the quirky candy passwords Dumbledore used to set to get entrance to his office.

This theory was even more adamantly held on by a fan who claimed,

“Dumbledore tells Harry that he lost his taste for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans after eating a vomit flavored bean in his youth…Bertie Bott was born in 1935. While Dumbledore is over 150 years old, and for him, ‘youth’ is a relative term, he could not have possibly eaten a Bertie Bott Every Flavor Bean until the 1950’s, most likely even later, making him well over a hundred years old. Even in Dumbledore terms this is hardly his ‘youth’.” 

And thirdly, There is absolutely no contact between the two characters.

But alas, as interesting this theory may have sounded. The Queen has spoken.

Know any more wacky Harry Potter theories? Share them with us!


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