Travelling is always an exhilarating experience and it all starts from the very first thought of wanting to go somewhere.

Afterward, every step makes its own memories from selecting the place, booking the tickets, getting accommodation and the final step before leaving, packing.

Now, for many and that includes me, packing is an arduous and boring task where you don’t want to sift through your wardrobe in order to select what to take.

The problem heightens when you are travelling to multiple destinations and you do not have the luxury to take a big suitcase along with you.

That is why here are a few tips on how to pack when you are travelling to multiple regions:

1. Pack the Basic Essentials:

Since you will be travelling to multiple destinations you cannot take a big suitcase along with you, and thus must fit everything into a compact trolley.

This means packing only and only the essentials, such as a couple of shirts, few pants and at the most a jacket or sweater in case it gets chilly.

Forget fashion, forget packing in something cute and trendy.

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2. Go For Colours That Don’t Get Visibly Dirty:

Coming from the first topic, make sure you pack in clothes especially shirts in colours that do not get dirty very quickly. You will be repeating clothes that is a given, but dirty clothes are not good.

This means that don’t pack a lot of white or bright colours since dirt will show quicker on them and you won’t be able to use it much.

Pick colours like black, blue, dark green, browns and even grays during such a trip.

3. Pack A Neck Pillow:

A good tip when travelling to multiple destinations would be to carry a good neck pillow along with you.

You can use it to rest your neck when travelling and even if your accommodation is not up to par then this can be used.

Furthermore, the pillow can be deflated and easily packed back in without it taking up much space.

4. Socks and Medicines:

Perhaps most important than anything would be taking a variety of medicines along with you.

Create a list of ills and ails that can occur on a trip, pen down the names of the medicines and what use they are off.

After that, make sure you carry a lot of socks with you.

5. Wear Your Accessories:

If you are the kind of person who loves to wear accessories but are finding it difficult to create space for them, then a good tip would be to just wear them.

Instead of packing them in your luggage, select a couple of accessories items that are important to you and wear them on your person.

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