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Virtual Doctor Telehealth Solutions with Healthcare Cloud Services to address COVID-19 challenges


The internet revolution has taken a surge in the past decade. Everything is happening online these days. From work to shopping and from talking to meeting, the internet has made everything so easy. Then the coronavirus pandemic struck the world so hard that leaving our homes is a nightmare for us. As it turns out, virtual doctortelehealth and telemedicine regained its importance in this situation for people to meet their needs in times of medical emergencies. Cloud Computing technologies is one of the best solutions for our virtual doctor and telehealth requirements.

Cloud Computing Technologies (CCT) provides us with Virtual Doctor Telehealth Solutions with Telemedicine and Healthcare Cloud Services. Being in the stream for 15+ years they have gained expertise in innovating healthcare provisions for doctors, hospitals and clinics. It brings a proven approach in Hybrid Cloud infrastructure design, Cloud management, and Healthcare applications. They have ​comprehensive compliance services ​HIPAA, HITECH, ​and NIST ​with security assessments, software validation documentation, and periodic audits. Till date CCT has had more than 180 contracts and completed them successfully.

People at CCT always keep customer satisfaction at their topmost priority, providing them the best of services and thus maintain healthy long-term relationships with them which are mutually beneficial. Keeping in mind the budget, cloud providers deliver affordable and pocket friendly services. The patients’ privacy is completely a secret and safety measures are ensured to keep all the information exchanged confidential. Also, the health care solutions could be customized as per the patient’s needs. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, all the important sectors in the world were affected and also, medical emergencies are never predictable. CCT has helped many patients refrain from the stress of medical management with its telemedicine services. Anyone who can access the internet can get medical assistance at a distance through this. Also instead of keeping separate files, doctors could have access to any patient’s medical insights with just a few clicks. 

The digital vastness of the CCT is what distinguishes it. Now medical researchers have access to a wide range of benefits, thanks to the cloud’s digitization of healthcare systems. They will be able to use a large amount of computing power and also refer to quite varied amounts of databases.  The Medical Health Data Tracking Devices (IoT), Healthcare Informatics, mHealth, EHR, MSP are a few of its provisions that promise the best services to patients and a lot of convenience for the doctors.

As much as the year has affected our day to day lives, it has also led to the growth of certain uncharted sectors. CCT, with its telehealth and telemedicine services has changed the quality of healthcare for many people. Its promise of flexibility, scalability, agility and its eagerness to develop, deploy, and scale modern cloud telehealth solutions has been and will be of great help for many doctors and patients.

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