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Gooroo Courses: Take Control of What to Learn, How to Learn and When to Learn


 When it comes to education, technology has helped level the playing field like never before. No matter what life skill a person wants to learn or improve upon, they don’t necessarily have to enroll in a college course to get expert instruction. 

This was the mindset for Scott Lee, founder and CEO of Gooroo, a company that has built a robust online educational ecosystem with tutoring, educational videos and more. As part of this expanding outlook, the company recently introduced Gooroo Courses, a new tool that offers on-demand videos to make learning more accessible than ever.

Learning On a Student’s Own Schedule 

“Gooroo Courses wanted to make sure that people could learn at a pace and schedule that works best for them,” Lee explains. “Some people might only have fifteen-minute intervals that they can set aside at a time for an online lecture. Those people shouldn’t be kept from the opportunity to better themselves simply because their schedules don’t allow them to attend an hour-long class each night.” 

With that in mind, Lee launched Gooroo Courses to function largely as a repository for pre-recorded video courses. Classes vary in length from eight minutes to over an hour, depending on the subject matter. The courses also cover a diverse range of categories, from academics to personal development and lifestyle. 

After users create their account, Gooroo Courses tracks their viewing status with any video. For example, if a user were to watch the first fifteen minutes of a video and then need to shut off their browser, the tool would load the video from exactly where they left off when they logged back in later. This no-pressure approach allows users to fully control the pace at which they learn.

The tool also syncs with Gooroo Live webinars by archiving live video events in the Gooroo Courses platform. If a live webinar that a user is interested in doesn’t line up with their schedule, they can simply watch it later on their own time. Videos are split into parts that allow users to jump forward and back, while Netflix-style browsing categories make it easy to find new courses.

Expert Insight 

Of course, the quality of the materials being presented is just as important as their accessibility. To that end, Lee and his team have prioritized selecting true experts to present each online class. 

“Gooroo Courses works with professionals. Many instructors have PhDs, MBAs and years of experience in their field, so they truly know their subject matter,” Lee says.

“Certified presenters are at the top of their fields, and have taught their subject matter many times before. This way, they’re not just knowledgeable. They are also engaging and articulate, so that students can fully enjoy their learning experience.” 

The diversity of experts on display is clear by the variety of classes already available through Gooroo Courses. Subjects range from “Starting and Scaling a Business” and “Basics of Javascript” to “Fundamentals of Italian” and “Sustainable Cooking.” Even topics as unique as slam poetry and factoring polynomials are fair game. Lee expects Gooroo Courses to have over 750 videos uploaded by summer 2021. 

“There’s so much out there that people want to learn, but that isn’t covered in traditional educational environments,” Lee adds. “Diversity of content ensures that no matter what somebody wants to learn, they can find something far more informative and in-depth than the average YouTube clip.” 

The expert knowledge presented via video is further supplemented by Gooroo’s one-click access to online tutoring, allowing students to obtain personalized one-on-one assistance for additional information and guidance. 

Making a Difference for Underserved Households 

A major point of emphasis for Lee and Gooroo has been finding ways to help underserved households that are often neglected by the educational system. This is something that the company plans to continue with Gooroo Courses. 

As Lee notes, “For every Gooroo Courses subscription that is purchased in the future, a free subscription to underserved communities and low-income households is given away. Disparities in resources have negatively affected low-income learners during COVID-19, and this shouldn’t be the case. With this ‘giveback’ mindset to subscriptions, Gooroo Courses’ community of learners will help others fulfill their curiosity and reach their potential.”

Alongside efforts that aim to help the millions of students who don’t have internet access in the home, such measures will help underprivileged individuals gain the same opportunities for growth and learning as their peers.

The Future of Learning 

Lee is optimistic about Gooroo Courses and its potential to level the educational playing field. “Peoples’ lives are more hectic now than ever before. No matter the current situation, people should be able to access educational tools that fit around their lives — not the other way around. As more people gain the knowledge and skills they need to improve their lives, they will open up even greater opportunities for their future.”

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