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Fiduciary Management Group: Reshaping Investment Advisory Through Performance and High-End Service


Investment advisory firm provides high-end service to clients on all financial matters 

November 13, 2020; New York City, NY – Fiduciary Management Group, LLC (FMG), a full-service investment advisory and business consulting firm, provides clients unparalleled financial wealth management experience. Founded in 2005 by former Credit Suisse Vice-President Ivan Thornton, Fiduciary Management Group has captured the attention of the financial and investment industry courtesy of its high-end, holistic approach to wealth management.

Headquartered in New York City, FMG is an independent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) specializing in financial advisory services for wealthy families, foundations, and endowments. Fiduciary Management Group provides clients with asset management, strategic tax planning and business consulting. The boutique-style firm enables clients to put their finances in the hands of trusted, seasoned professionals. 

Thornton established Fiduciary Management Group with the idea of the firm being the “Personal Chief Financial Officer” for each client. The white-glove service offered by Fiduciary Management Group sets it apart from other wealth management organizations which focus on large numbers of clients, while offering cookie cutter strategies and few value-added services. 

Transparency is another attribute that sets Fiduciary Management Group apart from the competition. The company executes each wealth management plan on a client’s behalf, enabling the client to achieve their specific financial goals.

Each investment decision made by Fiduciary Management Group must contain six key components:

  •   Clear understanding of clients’ specific goal
  •   Full business knowledge with innovative application
  •   A cohesive execution of strategy
  •   The highest professional and ethical standards available
  •   Development of long-term relationships with clients using consistent communication and high-quality service
  •   Full transparency

Thornton affirms, the company’s long-term goal is to enable clients to consistently meet and exceed their financial goals within the context of a dedicated team environment. For the short-term, the company’s focus is to consistently outperform applicable market benchmarks, helping clients succeed.

“You need to stay focused on the big picture, stay invested and take advantage of volatility. We are fiduciaries therefore, we are obligated to put the clients interest first and foremost. The firm prides itself of an incredibly experienced staff capable of helping clients through the nuances of the firm’s suite of services.” 

For more information on Fiduciary Management Group and how it assists its clients, Visit here.

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