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VicBlends Creates An Online Academy To Show Barbers How To Go To The Next Level


VicBlends created an online academy around a year ago on his website.  Originally when he created the platform it wasn’t structured properly and he had to revamp his whole branding purposes.  Vic was influenced to create the academy because there are many people in person that want to learn from him, but it’s so much easier to connect with people on a global scale on the internet.  The online academy has given Vic a stronger love for barbering as a whole. He is spreading his skills on a worldwide scale and teaching people how to become a professional barber. His teachings have even touched the youth, he has had 13 year olds enrolled in the academy. Vic started getting into barbering at the age of 17 so seeing kids even younger than him in the new generation is proving that barbering is an essential career choice, especially after going through the covid 19 pandemic. Vic’s knowledge of social media, brand building, networking and business mindset is what is going to separate him from just being a regular barber, being an educator and spreading teachings through creative content on the internet is going to help him continue to flourish. Learning and mastering time management and balance while scaling business. Vic has set a goal to see the academy be moved into its own app on Google Play and Apple Store. Stay tuned for his academy and if you’re interested in learning how to become a master barber click the link below.

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