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Vampires- Superstars if in reality.


There are couple of varied individuals amongst us who tend to be crazy over some blood sucking species which are mostly wild and fictious. But the love for them is so overwhelming especially by the female gender that if they are actually alive, they would be treated no less than a superstar.


You know on a broader perspective, these vampires are anyways sucking human blood end of the day. Well to compare that with smaller available other existing creatures I just think they are another giant form of mosquitoes who take a human form. Yeah there are couple of additions like they can think better, probably have a sixth sense too. But end perspective they live to suck blood and so do the ones that we kill with the repellents lit in our house.

Yet there is one strange connection between them i.e. they can transform into bats. I mean that is the only coolest part I can imagine about them. Although they are all shown to be extremely villainish and spooky like The Dracula, or any of those characters from the film Twilight, but common, it is an acceptable fact that what are they apart from pestering another human beings survival.


It’s only sensible enough by Stephen Meyer to create a plot where Vampires and Humans can interact and the best part is that they can even fall in love and get married. I mean it’s hard enough to establish the fact that somehow two completely unrelated categories of humanly looking form can get along.

It is indeed an obsession growing wildly among the female availabilities.



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