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You think Fashion’s expensive? Reality Check – so is Football.


#dolcegabbana #mfw
#dolcegabbana #mfw
Start talking about a Prada coat and all the pseudo intellectuals around you would flare their noses at the slight mention of it.
What’s the point of strutting around a stage wearing fancy clothes?
What good does it do to society?
Why are we wasting so much time and money on this, it makes no sense at all.
Oh, thank you for your valuable and unsolicited concern.

Firstly, why cover fashion? It’s senseless, they cry. It’s stupid, they yell. What sad lives these people must lead? Since when is it okay for a sustainable and healthy society to hierarchies interests. Why is it that your interest’s coverage is perfectly acceptable and appreciated and fashion is shunned as stupid? Nobody raised a question when they discussed sports and entire section is dedicated to football. This argument might seem appalling to sports fans. But my dears let me tell you, THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT CARE ABOUT SPORTS. Phew! Now, let it assimilate into your consciousness. We don’t mind newspapers and blogs covering football because we know that people are interested in it. Show some empathy and accept that not everyone is interested – or uninterested in the same things.

Second, let’s talk about the expense. Yes, I agree. Fashion is expensive. Incidentally, so is Football, but I have yet to see people shunning how much a Manchester United player is paid and how much Chelsea season tickets cost.
High Fashion is a big industry. Pretending that it does not exist because of its high prices is like pretending that Apple does not exist. Fashion coverage has got nothing to do with attacking people into buying the stuff they can’t afford. It’s just the pleasure of watching. It’s like how people get excited by watching expensive cars, which they have no real interest in buying, go round and round on Top Gear.
Yes, Fashion has its problems- The racism, the ageism, the eating disorder, the elitism. Football ( Forgive me, but I have to underline the sexism here) is hardly the most intellectual of pursuits and it has the same problems as fashion, with added homophobia . But it’s aimed at men, so it’s an essential pastime. Fashion, aimed primarily at women is therefore considered and dismissed as frivolous. ( Do you really see nothing wrong with that)
Finally, you don’t like Fashion? Guess what? Not everything’s about you, darling.


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