A performance review is a subject that gives anxiety to the employees and a headache to the employers. 

Yes, it is a headache because of the monotonous and lengthy onscreen work it requires. 

So, one of the top officials gave an interesting solution for this. 

A Brilliant Solution: 

A performance review is a formal assessment that managers use to evaluate an employee’s work performance. It can also be the source of an appraisal or demotion for employees. 

On the other side of the table, while employers are very much willing to give some constructive criticism to their employees, most do not like the way they do it. 

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used tool for this purpose, earning the title of being, ‘monotonous and tiring’ for the managers/ department leaders to enter repetitive and tedious details for a crowd under their leadership during review season. 

The  U.S. Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, has suggested a brilliant way out of this. In a YouTube video posted last week on the official page of the U.S. Embassy, the ambassador can be seen celebrating his one year in this position, by sharing a review of the year 2023 concerning the United States-India relationship. 

Calling the past year “incredible“, Garcetti took to social media and wrote, “the warmth of the people and our shared dreams that truly stole my heart“.

One year as US Ambassador to India! What a ride it’s been – a whirlwind of diplomacy and deepening friendships! From diving into vibrant cultures to strengthening the bond between our nations, every moment has been incredible. But it’s the warmth of the people and our shared dreams that truly stole my heart. Here’s to many more milestones and writing the next chapter of the #USIndia partnership together!” he added.

He spoke about a variety of topics including trade, healthcare, visa, space and military projects between the two countries, not in a written format, but in a short video. 

Yes, a multimedia file instead of a boring MS Excel file with a bunch of sheets.

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The Outcome: 

While the video did not talk about using a video format for the purpose of performance review, it did lead to the birth of this innovative idea.

Petition to allow submission of performance reviews in video form and not boring forms and excel sheets! If the US ambassador to India can do it, surely anyone can!” said Ankit Vengulekar, on LinkedIn. 

But Eric, through this video, has shown the role an ambassador can create to embrace local culture and create positive good will. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. You missed a calling in the entertainment industry. This is flawless — great humor and great message, with the chai and chole bhature winning the heart!” said another user on Linkedin, who goes by the name, Vani Kola. 

My beautiful India is not just a country but a continent with its vibrant colours and culture; every state will offer you something new and different. I hope when you go back, you take with you fond memories, but as an Indian, my suggestion to you, sir, if you have to take back one thing from here, then take the wisdom and spirituality of my country; it will serve you well till the end of your life. Have a great tenure in Bharat,” wrote another netizen.

He also talked about NISAR, the first satellite India’s ISRO and USA’s NASA, are making together. He ended the video by saying, “When it comes to the United States and India, there’s nothing holding us back. I hope nobody’s stolen my chole bhature”.

Yes, trying something new can be scary, and it makes us hesitant because things can go wrong. They can take a different approach than what we had intended them to.

But isn’t that the purpose of trial and error? To try new things, unlearn previous patterns, and build a new methodology by extrapolating on the learning of previous failed experiments? After all, Thomas Edison – inventor of light bulbs – has rightly said, I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

So, let’s experiment, and experience ways that do not work to finally reach that brilliant idea at the end of the process!

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