Sabyasachi recently collaborated with Swedish fashion brand H&M for the launch of its new collection of women’s attire. Sabyasachi is one of the most reputed Indian fashion brands. Wearing its piece is a dream for many, which mostly remains unfulfilled given its high prices.

H&M, on the other hand, is much more affordable. However, it has been criticized of late for its exploitative and unsustainable practices. The workers are underpaid and forced to work for longer hours. Clean Clothes Campaign published a report in July 2021 which showed that H&M was one of the brands that cut its workers’ wages during the pandemic.

Sabyasachi is the complete opposite, or so it says. Though the dresses are expensive, they are handmade by Indian artisans. It keeps the Indian tradition alive and supports the local craft.

So, working with H&M did not seem to make much sense for people. This is why many are calling out Sabyasachi for its collaboration with H&M.

People Disappointed By The Unusual Collaboration

Sabyasachi banks on slow fashion and built his brand using handlooms that can be passed down generations. But this collection seems like a greenwashing [attempt], and is hypocritical because it’s not sustainable or empowering artisans in India in any way,”  said Aikum Bhatti, an entrepreneur who runs a sustainable fashion platform.

Indian-American Entrepreneur and content creator Sanjana Rishi posted a story on her Instagram penning down everything that is wrong with the collaboration. She wrote,

“Sabyasachi has always been about craftsmanship and empowering authentic Indian textiles through karigars (artisans). So it’s disappointing when he collaborates with a brand like H&M, which is known to have so much mismanagement in its supply chain.”

She also took a dig at fashion influencers who were posting about this collaboration but otherwise claim to promote sustainable and ethical fashion practices.

sabyasachi h&m

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sabyasachi h&m wanderlust collaboration

Overpriced Saree Mocked By Netizens

The whole point of this collaboration was that people would be able to afford Sabyasachi designs since they would now be mass-produced by H&M. However, a saree, which is found in almost every Indian woman’s closet, was priced at INR 9,999 in the collection.

sabyasachi h&m wanderlust collaboration

sabyasachi h&m wanderlust collaboration

sabyasachi h&m wanderlust collaboration

But, the admirers of the brand bought it all nevertheless. It all got out of stock in mere minutes. The brand name can truly sell anything!

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