Although ‘Swach Bharat’ might be a popular initiative, however, it seems to be making little headway in actually cleaning up the cities. Sure there might be a few cities like Ambikapur in Chattisgarh and Mysore that are considered clean, however, a majority of the cities are becoming a bane for the citizens themselves.

Bangalore is the latest but perhaps the most dangerous one with its white foam that has been blocking the Bellandur Lake since early this year. This white froth has been blocking the nearby canals, become an inconvenience to cars and other transport, and has even been the cause of skin problems apart from radiating a sour odour.

Not only that but in February 2017, the Bellandur Lake even caught on fire due to the amount of garbage and toxic discharge from nearby industries that had choked it full.

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Several experts have commented on how Bangalore is on its way to becoming unhabitable, and an IISC (Indian Institute of Science) study even claimed that Bangalore will be unlivable in the next 5 years.

Slowly but surely, Bangalore is becoming an unlivable city and it looks as if these other few cities are well on their way to follow in the former’s footsteps:


The recent floods in Chennai resulted in authorities asking residents to stay indoors, schools and colleges being shut down, exams being postponed and even employees were told to stay at home.

This all was very reminiscent of the not long ago massive floods that Chennai witnessed in 2015, and to see something so similar happening once again is an oversight on part of the state government.

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The city is still not equipped enough to handle these natural disasters and along with the civil unrest, growing unlivable weather conditions and cost of living in Chennai is making it not a very popular city at the moment.


Before Chennai, in August Mumbai saw the regular flooding it experiences when monsoon season sets in. It is truly sad how it has become almost an annual thing wherein Mumbai will be flooded at least once in a year and yet provisions have not been taken to prevent that from happening.

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The floods got so bad this year that trains were getting submerged, students were stranded inside colleges, the city was thrown into darkness when many places electricity was cut.

This, apart from rising crime level, increase of population in the city, the traffic, and the other various problems like potholes, state of living and more are making Mumbai something of dread to live in.


Delhi has probably never been a popular city, even before all these problems. As if being called the ‘rape capital’ of the country was not enough, now it has added the new tag of being one of the most polluted cities in India.

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The past few weeks, ever since Diwali, the city has been clouded by a thick white smog that has raised the air pollution levels to alarming rates.

Schools and colleges were closed, and almost every single person is told to wear air filter masks and not to step out without those. Breathing has become a problem for almost every citizen of the city and although the government is taking steps they seem to be quite slow in showing results.

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