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Underrated Bands – LIVE


 “The way you’re bathed in light…”

It often happens in life as in music that some things are left unspoken and unappreciated. This is sad as it is painful most of the time, how something which would have seemed so perfect in some other world goes unnoticed. I was having my share of nostalgia the other day listening to the 90’s on youtube, when I realized something. Songs like “Heaven” and “Run to the Water” had only the tiniest of the fraction of views and hits than they deserve.


You may not heard of this band. You may not even know it is a band. Well it is the genius of ;

  • Patrick Dahlheimer – bass guitar, backing vocals (1988–2009, 2011–present)
  • Chad Gracey – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1988–2009, 2011–present)
  • Chad Taylor – lead guitar, backing vocals (1988–2009, 2011–present)
  • Chris Shinn – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (2012–present)
Former members
  • Ed Kowalczyk – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1988–2009)

The band, although awesome is lead by the soul stirring voice of one of the greatest and weirdest frontmen of the 90’s, Ed Kowalczyk. Live’s music is inspired by religion, philosophy, desire, and the need to express all the emotions in sound, which is rare as It is difficult. The lyrics are way too perfect and the riff is just to appropriate. Chad Gracey is one of the most reliable percussionists and knows exactly when to throw the trills. That being said, The combination of them is the epitome of utter beauty and wonder. Hear “Dolphin’s cry” and feel exactly what I mean.

Live is one of the bands that strike with you in the very first instance. And it would only be just to mention that they have had their fair share of success too with albums like ‘Throwing Copper’ and ‘Secret Samadhi’. I strongly feel that they need to be heard more. It is impossible not to like Live unless… well there is no unless! they are just a really awesome group.


The desperation of the emotions are clearly visible in Ed’s vocals. You really hear a man you is genuinely searching for answers. You get sucked into his vortex of thoughts and it’s really an amazing journey from there. Why then, if they are so great, are they slowly being forgotten as the time advances to a different approach towards music. Is it not only fair that they be given a legacy to follow and remember.

The question is far more wide than I could try to explain. the least I can say is Live is not the only such band. They belonged to the time of cassette tapes and MTV Unplugged’s. They do not deserve to get lost in time. So here is my humble effort to remind you of a band which was honest as it was brilliant. Hoping that some kid somewhere listens to ‘lightning crashes’ and sees what I mean…

Here is my LIVE playlist of some of their greats in no particular order;

1. Run to the water

2. I Alone

3. Beauty of Grey

4. All over you

5. Lakini’s Juice



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