Trolls are no longer a mythical creature but ones we all have to deal with daily in today’s social media age. They run wild and free, attacking wherever they please and wreaking havoc on any post or profile they set their eyes on. 

Most of the times though, it is quite difficult to catch these ‘trolls’ since they hide behind an anonymous name, don’t have any identifying information about them, which results in them getting away scot-free. 

However, that might not always be the case as has been seen in the case of a certain ‘Nisha Jindal’ being caught and her/their real identity being exposed for all to see. 

The Raipur police on Saturday arrested an individual who was initially thought to be a woman posting inflammatory content on her social media. But it turned out to be a man pretending to be someone else. This news eventually went viral. 

What Is The Issue?

On 18th April 2020, the Raipur police were investigating after a social media person going by the name ‘Nisha Jindal ’. A few complaints had come in against their profile stating that they were posting inflammatory, communal comments on Facebook. 

The Raipur police’s cyber cell was put on the case and told to identify and locate the suspect, but when the police eventually tracked down Nisha’s cyber footprints they reached Ravi Pujar, a 31-year-old engineering student.

The police were also surprised to learn of the true identity behind the profile and they not only posted this on their own official social media page but also made him post on his social media a photo of himself along with the line: ‘I am Nisha Jindal and I am in police custody’.

nisha jindal

According to the police, Ravi had been using fake IDs since 2012 which he used to post controversial and hateful comments and posts on communal issues. Another fake profile he reportedly runs is in the name of Pakistani actress Miraha Pasha. 

Nisha Jindal has over 10,000 followers on her/their Facebook account, Miraha Pasha’s profile has more than 4,000 friends, Raipur SSP Arif H. Sheikh revealed. 

He also said that Ravi has been an IT engineering student since 2009 but has not been able to pass the course for about 11 years now since he keeps failing his undergrad exams. 

The accused has also pretended to be a member of various credible organisations like World Health Organisation (WHO), International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Trade Organization (WTO). 

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Reaction On Social Media

Social media obviously has something to say in this matter with many urging people to be careful of fake profiles and to not believe anything anyone says. 

Priyanka Shukla, an Indian Administrative Service officer even tweeted that, “When the police went to arrest ‘Nisha Jindal’ for allegedly promoting social enmity, it was revealed that Ravi, who has not been able to pass his engineering exam for 11 years, is in fact ‘Nisha’. The police made him post the reality so that his 10,000 followers get to know the truth.”

This certainly reiterates that one should be careful of who they are following and if nothing else then at least don’t blindly believe everything they say or post about.

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Sources: The HinduNDTVHindustan Times

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